Prot­ra­deCent­ra­lAsia is concerned about the reliability and efficiency of its machines. It is very important for us to make our customer’s investment more profitable. JCB specialists came with the specific wide range of lubricants to increase spare parts service life time, decrease any maintenance costs, and provide with the desired protection level of the engine, transmission, hydraulics, and other main components of a machine.

Among the whole diversity of oils our specialists will help you choose the best product exactly for your specified conditions, because the right chosen oil (considering working temperature range, viscosity, and ecological compatibility) would protect elements of the machine and help increase its service life time. If oil properties are compatible with chemical, thermal, and mechanical effects to come across during heavy duty operation, this oil will fulfil its functions for a long time and with the respective reliability.

· Engine oils

· Gearbox oils

· Hydraulic oils

· Lubricants for high loaded assemblies

· Special lubricants for hydraulic breakers

Using JCB lubricants you choose the best for your machine.

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